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Casting Snake Skin

09 June, 2014

 I recently bought an acrylic casting kit for making pen blanks using a thin piece of snake skin or similar material. I am going to show you the steps required to cast snake skin into a pen.


 Cutting the snake skin to the tube length.

Glueing the skin.

The two tubes are glued to the skin. This is what it looks like before casted.

It is necessary to pour the liquid acrylic in slowly into the measuring cup or air bubbles will form.

Hardener (catalyst) is required for the acrylic to set up faster. Without hardener It would be a gooey mess.

I mix the acrylic and hardener in slowly for 5 minutes.

I then pour the liquid acrylic into the mold and let it sit for 5 hours.

I push a rubber stopper into one of the end of the tubes then I fill it with "shot" (tiny BBs), the shot will stop the tube from floating during the casting process. I push the other stopper into the opposite end of the tube so the acrylic will not get inside the tube. After the acrylic has hardened I place the tube into the acrylic.

I add the rest of the acrylic and catalyst.

 Although most bubbles will disappear on there own, its not a bad idea to remove any bubbles that have contact with the snake hide using a popsicle stick. If you have the correct ratio catalyst and resin, and the resin is mixed thoroughly; the curing time should take up to 12 hours to harden completely.