About Us

At 18 years old, Jake Guy hand crafts beautiful pens, bowls and other gifts on his lathe. Jake has learned from retired craftsmen and on his own with much practice. 

Awards: First place in the wood and metal category at the Angelina County Youth Fair in 2014

 First place wood category Angelina County Youth Fair 2015

 First place wood and metal category Angelina County Youth Fair 2016

You can learn more about him here: 



Common Questions

What is Woodturning?

Woodturning is taking a block of wood, using a lathe and turning it into something unique.


How is a pen created?

I start out by choosing my style and finish for example a gold plated slimline. I cut my material to the required length of the the brass tube and then bore into the material using a drill press. I sand the tube and then glue it into the drilled hole. I mount my blanks onto a lathe and turn it until it is flush with the bushings, bushings are round small metal objects that remind you when to stop trimming. After I turn it flush I then polish it using CA (cyanoacrylate glue), I take my finished material and assemble it using a pen press. The process of making a pen is complete and now you have beautiful useful writing instrument.


How long does it take to make a pen?

It all depends on the material. For instance acrylics will take a lot longer than woods but generally 30min-1hour.


How does custom orders work?

First of all choose a material e.g.: antler, next find a particular style that interests you on the site e.g.: bolt action. Then contact me on this site.