Authentic Redwood Lace Burl Bowl

$ 150.00

 This bowl measures 6" in width and 5" in height. This bowl is inlayed with turquoise filler. It has some amazing curl! It looks like it is on fire! This bowl is crafted using redwood, and this particular piece is from the largest burl in the world! I bought some of this wood on ebay from a man who helped dig this up. Here is a picture of it:

"We believe this is the worlds largest lace burl. We got it in 1977 from Louisiana Pacific in Humboldt county Calif. It was 35' in diameter, weighed between 800,000 and 1,000,000# and was about 15' tall. In this picture it was still in the ground. It was shipped to Italy and cut into veneer and most sold to Saudi Arabia for walls and desk tops."